It is an honor for the Faculty of Law, the University of Jember to host the 1st International Conference on Law and Society: Agricultural Law Issues in Multicultural Societies. This event gives me great pleasure to write a few words of welcome to the presenters and the participants, with the agenda to promote academic research on law and society. The discourse on the relationship between law and society is complex, primarily in Indonesia. Its complexities encourage more academic discourses to highlight law in practice, not only its practice in courts but also in societies. Therefore, this conference will become an annual event of the Faculty of Law, the University of Jember to invite scholars worldwide to disseminate research and ideas from different backgrounds and perspectives. 

In this first event, the 1st International Conference on Law and Society, the discussion will address Agricultural Issues in Multicultural Societies. As your information, the University of Jember is the university that focuses on the development of environmentally sound science, technology and arts, business, and industrial agriculture. While on the other hand, East Java’s eastern region, which encompasses Jember, Banyuwangi, Situbondo, and Bondowoso, is part of a multicultural region. Discussing the intersection between agricultural law issues and multicultural societies portrays the local problems that link to the global conversation.

Through this conference, there will be a stronger bond among scholars, and it will exchange new ideas and perspectives between presenters and provide more in-depth knowledge for participants. In addition, I hope it will be an emerging platform that will leverage you and other scholars and practitioners against the fast-changing issues of law and society in the area of agricultural law.